How To Release The Golf Club

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How To Release The Golf Club

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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18 thoughts on “How To Release The Golf Club

  1. Great video Clay, really like your instructional videos. i recently met a golf pro and he made a reference on the like skipping a rock in the lake and it helps prevent going over the top.

  2. Excellent video, brilliantly illustrated key dynamics of the golf swing. The lag is really important, I do still hit the ground sometimes, but I think it’s a question of my timing and rotating the hips as well as the shoulders.

  3. Clay, I have committed myself to learning to swing the right way. My understanding is that the body and shoulder turn are driving relaxed arms. So that being said, the part about lag comes naturally, does it not? And also maintaining the “y” with the arms and club throughout the swing.

  4. Clay, I’m in virginia but went to lake Mary high school. Where is your club and are you a teaching pro at the club. I’m thinking about buying a place in north Orlando. Thank you.

  5. Very nice video … love it! I am struggeling with high dynamic loft all my life and up until know never get rid of it, no matter how hard i tried. Actually when I try it i get really bad shanks sometimes. So far I also noticed that I might fire my hips to much and my hands are stuck behind. Have you any advice for this!?

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