How To SHALLOW The Club And Hit LONGER Drives | Best Drills

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How To SHALLOW The Club And Hit LONGER Drives | Best Drills

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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24 thoughts on “How To SHALLOW The Club And Hit LONGER Drives | Best Drills

  1. Thanks for your awesome Videos. Your drills are just simple and perfect. After 10 years slicing…that curve is thanks to you finally gone (at least 8 out of 10)

  2. The first 8 mins is EXACTLY what’s holding me back. I’m a 12 and have been trying to get single digit for 2 years and this is the problem. For some reason, it’s only with my driver and 3 wood. It’s gotten so bad lately that I get anxiety when I get on the tee box. Going to take these thoughts to the range today…I’ve got to work this out! Thanks Clay!

  3. Never noticed the wrist turn before makes perfect sense. Felt like I was manipulating my golf shot by turning my wrist through the ball and not turning my wrist while I’m shallowing the club if that makes sense at all lol good stuff

  4. Clay,
    I find you videos extremely helpful and I work on your instructions on the range. On the range, I can hit beautiful shots, draw the driver etc. As soon as I get on the course here if lately, it all goes to pot, I am now duck hooking drivers, hooking irons, missing huge greens etc. Essentially spraying the ball all over the course.
    What would you suggest for taking the range practice to the course. I strongly believe this is all a mental aspect.


    1. You might be taking the club inside too much..I found it difficult as well and realized thats what I was doing..Im trying to flatten my backswing out so its easier to come in shallow on the downswing

  5. Another great vid Clay. Thanks so much for your useful instruction. I’m off to the range now to practice what you just taught us.
    All the best to you.

  6. At the top of my backswing, my right elbow is slightly away from my right side. My downswing
    thought is to tuck my elbow into my right side. Just doing this tuck brings the face of the driver into proper final alignment without intentionally twisting the wrists. Is this a good thought?

  7. Just got back from the range. Much more consistent ball striking. But…some blocks out to the right. Maybe just off the right side of green. Is the “motorcycle” move to square up something to be done at the top of the downswing? Is there any moto move AT the ball? At impact?

  8. This is lazy and smart. Combining 3 old driver videos as a new release. Driver videos get more views which means Clay makes more money. Clay, you’re a great coach but you’re better than this. Do some course vlogs. You’ve already covered everything in a golf swing 3x’s over. So has most of the other coaches.

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