How To Stop Topping Fairway Woods [MALLET TRICK!]

Swing Tips


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This video is about Improve Your Backswing – Full Shoulder Turn Drills For Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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47 thoughts on “How To Stop Topping Fairway Woods [MALLET TRICK!]

  1. A club that rarely comes out of the bag – just feel its so shallow and puts me off preferring to use a longer iron, will try these swing tips, thanks!

    1. @The Big 12 Weight favors the lead foot more, get steep, so the club avoids getting caught in the rough stuff before the ball. Pop it out from the top sorta feel. Part of the reason you need more loft is getting steep (tends to deloft a bit), besides obviously loft helping to get the ball up and out in the first place. If you must get more distance out of rough than you can get with a wedge and don’t mind the risk, try a 4-5 hybrid or a 7 wood. But honestly, just get it back on the fairway with the first try…

  2. Thanks Adam. By the way, I’ve noticed in this and other videos of yours that your shots sound the best I’ve ever heard – almost imperceptible!

    1. A little forward but not nearly as much as driver. Like you would for a 2-4 iron. These also have shallow angles of attack. You want the ball to be where your club bottoms out or just before, not a lot before and definitely not after.

    2. Anthony,
      There is no one ‘right’ position, it depends on your swing tendencies. Generally though, between middle and instep of lead foot.
      Best, Adam

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