Improve Your Tee Shots With Shoulder Alignment

How To Hit a Tee Shot


Improve Your Tee Shots With Shoulder Alignment. Mark Crossfield talks about set up issues he sometimes comes across with students and delivers a simple and effective solution to try and get more out of your tee shots.

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21 thoughts on “Improve Your Tee Shots With Shoulder Alignment

  1. This was a big alignment issue i had. My coach has always had me pin my pit to my side, but my shoulders were always open, and I didn’t feel that way. finally he had me address the ball, and then pushed my right shoulder back. I have always been a player to keep the club on plane, but would struggle with accuracy. So my swing thought is easy at it is fixed at address, PIN THAT RIGHT SHOULDER BACK!!

  2. hi mark not that you will even see this but I just wanted to say thanks for the great content so informative and entertaining! I just unsubsidised not because of any issue with you video but because after 6 years of trying to play golf I have come to the conclusion that this is a stupid game and a total waste of time and effort so am packing it in! thanks again and best of luck.

  3. Shoulder alignment is a big issue for me. I have broad shoulders like the size of Lee Westwood. At address my shoulders point left/open of target but my coach says to turn shoulders or lift left shoulder higher. But that causes me to hood the face more and I feel like the ball shifts further back in my stance which throws off all my alignment. Then all the pre swing questioning starts and that’s never good.

  4. love the video turkeyfield, i have within the last month made this change, along with feeling my hands dropping down as i make my transition, and the results have been brilliant. it keeps me connected. and feels almost effortless. to stretch a point. i have knocked an average 6 to 7 shots off my round because it as given me more consistency. loved the vlogs with westwood. but you let him get in your grill mate. your putting was crap. shame you played some good stuff.

  5. hi mark, great information as usual -now that the nights a closing in can you recommend any indoor golf areas in the devon area to practice in. keep up the good work, jim.

  6. @MyGolfGuru
    Hi Mark, I’m working on this at the moment, and getting rid of excessive wrist hinge at the top where I let the club wander past parallel and back in towards the ball. Got any drills or tips for controlling the wrist without squeezing the life out of the club with the fingers?

  7. Thanks Mark! I think this is one of the factors that might be preventing me from breaking into the 70’s. As I get settled into my game, between holes 10-12 I loose sync in a way, that my set up changes without me realizing it. Let you know how it goes next game

  8. Tried this today, didn’t feel like it did much for my iron game but by Christ you have revolutionised my putting! Felt so confident I could hit the line of my read I didn’t need to worry bout push or pulls #holedeverything

  9. A great, next video topic could be ‘Using Your Hands to Complete a Full Shoulder Turn.’ Would love to hear your take on it. As a guy who lifts, it’s not always easy to “get all the way back” (to where my tolerance should be) and complete a proper backswing. As a 2-plane swing thought, it’s really helped me “stretch” to a point where I can then feel like I can come down from the inside. Perhaps if you could also elaborate on striking the ball with your weight shifted forward and your head behind the ball?

  10. Tried it, definitely helped! Irons are going straighter and mostly along the target line. I can still have trouble blocking shots and over rotating when I try to swing too hard. But the smooth full delivery really felt good. Thanks for the tips.

  11. classic brain scramble. don’t forget + remember to click subscribe = don’t remember to click subscribe. I do that sort of thing with alarming regularity.

  12. Your a sick teacher. Love the chilled descriptions.
    Question: When i set up with short irons and a neutral shoulder. It brings the clubshaft overtop of the ball. is this okay or do you want to push your hands backwards to square the shaft

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