Left-Handed Golf Tips : Hitting Driver Shots for Left-Handed Golfers

How To Hit a Tee Shot

Hit longer driver shots when playing left-handed golf by learning the correct swinging technique and get expert tips on how to hit driver shots as a lefty in this free golf lesson video.

Expert: Jason Wyatt
Bio: Jason Wyatt is the Head Golf Professional at Sunningdale Golf & Country Club, in London, Ontario. He became a member of the Canadian Professional Golfers Association in 1995.
Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk

19 thoughts on “Left-Handed Golf Tips : Hitting Driver Shots for Left-Handed Golfers

  1. Expert village is a joke. I haven’t seen a single expert village video about anything… sports, cars, whisky, anything that had good information. It’s as if they go out of their way to post videos that don’t do a thing. The only thing this video does is show where to position the ball in your stance, yet it’s called “Hitting Driver Shots.” You never hit a shot. You never showed a backswing. You never showed the follow through. You never showed body position. AND YOURE A RIGHT!

  2. I was able to shot a 73 after exercising the drill I`ve learned from reading through these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). I hit 13 of 18 greens in regulation. On the other 5 holes, I missed the green by an average Five to ten yards. Since Nine is my handicap, I rarely shoot 73s. It wasn`t my best round ever, however it was my best in a long time.

  3. I just remember hey Phil Mickelson learned how to play by “mirror imaging” his dad so maybe I can learn how to play at that level by mirror imaging these right handed u tube teachers! ( LOL)

  4. lmao….not only is he a righty….there’s no info in this video whatsoever. I’m in a funk with my driver and looking for tips. Usually average about 290 but lately either snap hook or big slice. All this video did was waste my time. lol I’d remove this video if it was mine

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