13 thoughts on “Look Like a Tour Pro In One Range Session

  1. I watched the video many times on this channel and was able to swing with confidence to the driver.
    Nowadays, iron can hit the ball at the same address as the driver and tilt the shaft to hit the ball closer to the body than the driver.
    It’s not enough that I can’t swing according to the height difference between the front and back and the left and right, but it’s difficult.

  2. Clay is, in my opinion, simply the best golf instructor I have seen. And I have seen many…
    Thanks Clay, you have improved my game significantly. Keep it up!

  3. But what’s missing is, training to hit with your lead side, and have your dominant hand and or side to trail.

    Starting out we all naturally use that right side, and just take the lead side along for the ride, vs how bobby jones says the lead side controls, and the right side is along for the ride.

    Even with your demonstration, the better looking action, is the lead side in control. The not so hot casting looking action is the right side dominant from the top of the swing.

    Folks, buy yourself a tennis racket, and hit about a 1000 back hand shots, then you on your way to lead side control.

  4. I get so much out of your videos, but I don’t want to hit a draw! Nicklaus, Trevino, and others did just fine with a fade. What do you do to allow for a fade? Thanks!

  5. Always brilliant … what to notice between u and an average golfer is the comfort in ur setup… most average golfers push there shoulder to the ground, even squeeze them towards each other… hands way to low (so need to rise up for any chance of contact at all before impact) …. ur shoulders are soooo in ur comfort as ur standing there chatting away … even a bit higher for make everything from stomach up become a one unit … it’s hard for those in messed up setup to do professional swing correct even if they understand the concept and see u do it. The level of comfortable setup without pressure on ur body is massive for any great golf swing as urs …. ur a total professional … no doubt 😉 I wouldn’t mind seeing u do a total setup video (the wrongs and right) … a big one…. love ur videos …. thx bud ;))))

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