Matthew Wolff Golf Swing [WHAT CAN YOU APPLY?]

Swing Tips


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This video is about Improve Your Backswing – Full Shoulder Turn Drills For Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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38 thoughts on “Matthew Wolff Golf Swing [WHAT CAN YOU APPLY?]

  1. Great video Adam..tons of great stuff..
    On an added got my first hole in one..thanks to all your help and teaching..playing well right now ..again thanks to all your help

  2. Adam, the difference between DJ and Matt at the top is phenomenal! DJ’s wrist is so completely bowed that its hard to think these two guys are following the same instruction manual. In one sense, it makes it hard to feel comfortable with anyone who says “this is the way to do it”. Its one reason I appreciate your focus on the hitting area and your awareness that ultimately physics of the last 18 inches before striking determines the success of the swing.

  3. Thank you Adam, there’s a few thing I can try at the Range. I think this more for Drivers and woods. With this video, I had flashback of my High School Coach yelling at all of us, “ELBOWS DOWN.” Yeah you can get distance. But, can you get accuracy? Only practise and time will tell. Thank again for the video.

  4. My Hips are always open when I hit the ball. At impact they’re already pointing towards the target and I just can’t get any consistent shots, do you have any tips or drills?

    Btw great video as always 🙂

  5. I get bad wrist pain in my trail wrist after a few rounds of golf. I have that “weak grip” in my right hand like you mentioned late in the video, I hit straighter shots. But when I use that grip it kills my wrist after I play. If I do a stronger more conventional grip I hook my irons bad. What could cause the wrist pain in the “weaker grip” where the V in your hand goes more towards your sternum???

  6. It’s my opinion & only my opinion, but I think your comment about his weak grip (any weak grip) is a flawed & old argument based on the old definition of having the club in what’s now considered an open position and rotating the forearms at impact to square the club. If golfers put their Right Hand back in control of the clubface 100% of the time (i.e. the hand with a million more brain neuron connections), and keep the club face square to their spine (not toe up coming into impact), then that is a Perfect grip – the left hand is basically irrelevant in golf.

    1. Paul,
      You are entitled to your opinion. I work with golfers all day, just about every day, so I have a pretty good sense of their struggles. Different golfers have done well with all kinds of grips, some keying on one hand, some on the other (some on both), so there is nothing truly definitive there. That said, it’s anatomically easier to close the face through impact when the grip is stronger (either hand), so for someone slicing the ball it’s an easy and worthwhile change.
      All the best, Adam

    2. @Scratch Golf Academy Appreciate the reply. I have done the following test with about 100 slicers on the range – that is, I have them hit a ball with their 8 iron teed up with ONLY the Right Hand on the club – and 95% of the slicers will immediately draw the ball – it shocks them but me no longer. If you remove the left hand basically all slicers will draw the ball. The question is why? The answer is the brain knows what the Right hand is doing and it prefers the Right hand to be in control

    3. I will also add that if you look at the incredible transition that Bryson has made with his new swing, which looks nothing like his old swing, he now looks like the best golfer in history, Jack Nicklaus, and he has a very neutral / weak left grip – and I would argue that is because the left hand is completely irrelevant – it’s his right side that is delivering the blow that his core is generating. Focus on the left grip is paying attention to the 1% that doesn’t matter –

  7. I tried the Lee Trevino style many years ago and it worked great lots of extra yards but when i gave golf up for 20 odd years i couldn’t find the same rhythm. So i have had to go back to basics. I notice Mr Trevino has altered his swing in his “Autumn” years, not as flexible perhaps. Thanks for the video Adam.

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