Odyssey Golf PT RH OD XACT Chipper 35.5 Review

Odyssey Golf PT RH OD XACT Chipper 35.5 Review

Introduction – Purpose and Key Features

As an avid golfer, one tool that’s proven to be incredibly helpful in improving my short game is the Odyssey Golf PT RH OD XACT Chipper 35.5. This unique chipper comes packed with features that make it a standout among its counterparts. The X-Act Sole, Hybrid-like sole design, dramatically enhances turf interaction around the green, especially on tight lies, making those difficult chip shots much more manageable. The Injection Molded Urethane Insert with grooves provides excellent feel and control for both long and short shots around the green. Finally, the chipper grip, oversized and non-tapered, aids in stabilizing the wrists and hands through impact.

Product Design and Quality

The design and quality of the Odyssey Golf PT RH OD XACT Chipper 35.5 are unquestionable. With its ergonomic handle, I found my grip improved dramatically, enhancing my performance on the course. The lie of 70 degrees is also thoughtfully designed to assist with swing trajectory and impact precision. However, despite its high-quality materials and design, one drawback is that it doesn’t come with a headcover, which may deter some golfers.

In-depth Analysis of Key Features

X-Act Sole

The Hybrid-like sole design, or X-Act Sole, is a game-changer for those tricky chip shots. It interacts efficiently with the turf, particularly on tight lies, which has significantly reduced my chances of stubbing or blading a chip shot.

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Injection Molded Urethane Insert

This grooved urethane insert is the key to the chipper’s versatility, providing an excellent feel for both long and short shots around the green. It gives a unique level of control that I’ve not experienced with many other clubs in my bag.

Chipper Grip

The oversized, non-taper grip design is fantastic. It helps stabilize the wrists and hands through impact, which can be critical in those high-pressure situations on the green. Plus, the longer design allows you to adjust your hands to different positions, giving you more flexibility with a variety of shots.

Comparison with Similar Products

While there are other chippers available in the market, the Odyssey Golf PT RH OD XACT Chipper 35.5 stands out for several reasons. Some of its contemporaries, like the Square Strike Wedge and Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 3.0 Wedge, also aim to improve your short game, but they don’t offer the unique combination of features found in the Odyssey chipper. From my experience, the Odyssey Chipper provides superior feel and control, mainly due to its innovative X-Act Sole and Injection Molded Urethane Insert.

Pros and Cons


  • Improved turf interaction with the X-Act Sole design
  • Superior feel and control with the Injection Molded Urethane Insert
  • Stabilized wrists and hands through impact with the oversized, non-taper grip


  • Does not come with a headcover

Genuine User Experiences

There’s a mixed bag of testimonials from other users. A golfer from the United States gave it a five-star review but highlighted the absence of a headcover. Another satisfied customer commends it for its smooth performance. However, Pone user rated it low, stating it was difficult to use compared to a traditional wedge or nine iron.

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Tips and Tricks

For those who want to make the most out of this chipper, practice is key. Experiment with different hand positions on the grip to find what suits you best for different shots. Remember, this club is designed to enhance your short game, so use it wisely around the greens for the best results.


What is the Lie angle of this chipper?

The lie of the Odyssey Golf PT RH OD XACT Chipper 35.5 is 70 degrees.


To wrap it up, the Odyssey Golf PT RH OD XACT Chipper 35.5 is a versatile tool designed to improve your short game, offering a unique set of features that provides excellent feel and control. However, the lack of a headcover might be a slight downside for some golfers. Overall, I’d recommend this chipper to golfers aiming to have better control and consistency around the greens. Happy golfing!

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