RAW FOOTAGE Tiger Woods Hits Tee Shot from Europe to Asia

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It sounds implausible, but it's exactly what happened: Tiger Woods ripped a driver from one continent to another.

The intercontinental tee shot occurred in Istanbul, Turkey, on Tuesday as part of a promotional publicity stunt. Woods lined up his shot from the middle of the Bosphorus Bridge—a suspension bridge that connects Europe and Asia.

Kyle Porter of CBSSports.com spotted video of the event, and while it makes for an interesting visual, the stunt apparently caused major traffic delays in Istanbul and the surrounding areas.

As you can see, Woods set up on a turf pad in the middle of the Bosphorus Bridge, effectively shutting down three lanes of transit.

The stunt was scheduled for one of the busiest times of the day, according to The Telegraph (via Porter), and earned Woods the ire of local residents.

One of the few not upset about Woods blocking traffic in Turkey was Ahmet Ali Aoaoolu, president of the Turkish Golf Federation, who pulled out all the stops to bring the star golfer to his country.

Woods will be playing at the first annual Turkish Airlines Open on Thursday for the low, low price of $3 million, via Porter's report. Despite the kingly sum, Ahmet believes Woods is well worth the price.

"He brings with him much more than golf," Ahmet said of Woods' entry in the tournament, according to Bernie McGuire of golfbytourmiss.com (h/t Kay). Ahmet added, "We know he costs money but we believe it is well spent because he does all the off-course stuff with the same class."

Pause for irony. Everyone good? Great! Let's continue.

Woods' participation in the first annual Turkish Airlines Open comes on the heels of his no-show at the HSBC Champions in Shanghai last week. Woods decided to skip the tournament—a decision that greatly upset the event's sponsors.

The lesson here could be that if you want Tiger at your tourney, you need to dig deep into the coffers—or allow him to tee off near traffic.

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