Review of Titleist AVX Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Discover the perfect companion for your golf game with Titleist AVX Golf Balls (One Dozen). Renowned for their superior performance, these golf balls are designed to boost your game to new heights. With the promise of longer distance, increased greenside spin and control, and a softer feel, you’ll find yourself achieving lower scores and enjoying a more satisfying round. Say goodbye to high long game and iron spin, and say hello to precision and reliability on the course. Ever wondered what makes the Titleist AVX Golf Balls (One Dozen) stand out on the course? Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just starting out, choosing the right golf ball can make a significant difference in your game. Let’s dive into a detailed review of these exceptional golf balls.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Learn more about the Titleist AVX Golf Balls (One Dozen) here.

What Makes Titleist AVX Golf Balls Unique?

Longer Distance

The Titleist AVX Golf Balls are engineered for longer distance. You’ll notice that you can really give your shots a good whack without sacrificing control.

Increased Greenside Spin and Control

One of the key features that sets these golf balls apart is their increased greenside spin and control. Imagine landing your ball just where you wanted it, thanks to that added spin.

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Softer Feel

Are you someone who values a softer feel in your golf balls? The Titleist AVX does not disappoint in this department. They are crafted to provide a noticeably softer feel, making each hit a pleasure.

Very Low Long Game and Iron Spin

For those who struggle with too much spin on their long games and iron shots, the Titleist AVX Golf Balls offer a solution. These balls have very low spin on long game and iron shots, providing a straighter and more predictable trajectory.

Performance Breakdown

Distance Analysis

The Titleist AVX Golf Balls excel in delivering longer distances. This can be a game-changer, especially on those par-5 holes where every yard counts.

FeaturePerformance RatingComments
Distance10/10Exceptional for adding yardage to your drives
Greenside Control9/10Remarkable spin and control around the greens
Soft Feel8/10Offers a soft touch for sensitive players
Long Game Spin7/10Minimizes spin for straighter shots

Spin Control

The increased greenside spin allows you to stop the ball on a dime, giving you more control over your shots. This can be particularly helpful when you need the ball to hold the green or when executing precise shots.

Feel and Feedback

There is a delightful softness to these golf balls that offers excellent feedback through your clubs. It’s like hitting a pillow with a turbo boost; incredibly satisfying and efficient.

Spin Management

As already mentioned, you’ll find reduced spin on your long game and iron shots. This feature helps in straightening out your shots and making them more predictable, which is a huge plus for many golfers.

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Who Should Use Titleist AVX Golf Balls?

Advanced Golfers

If you’ve been playing the game for years and are looking to push the boundaries of your performance, these balls offer some serious advantages. They’ll give you that extra edge in both distance and control.

Intermediate Players

Intermediate players can benefit from the balanced features of the Titleist AVX Golf Balls as well. The mix of distance, control, and soft feel can help elevate your game.


Even if you’re just starting out, these balls can give you a head start. The softer feel and added distance can make your early golfing experiences much more enjoyable.

Pros and Cons


  • Longer Distance: Perfect for par-5 holes
  • Increased Spin and Control: Ideal for precision shots
  • Softer Feel: Comfortable and pleasant upon impact
  • Low Long Game Spin: Helps in straightening your shots


  • Premium Price: These are not budget balls, but you get what you pay for.
  • May Require Getting Used To: If you’re switching from a different brand or type, it might take a few games to feel completely at ease.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Real-World Reviews

John, 45, Florida

“I’ve always struggled with too much spin on my long shots, but the AVX Golf Balls have really helped. I’m hitting straighter and longer, and my short game has improved too.”

Sarah, 34, California

“I love the soft feel of these balls. They give me great feedback, and I feel much more in control of my shots around the green.”

Dave, 29, Texas

“These are worth every penny. They offer everything I need for my game—distance, control, and feel. I can’t recommend them enough.”

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Alternatives to Consider

Titleist Pro V1

If you’re looking for a bit more spin and an equally soft feel, you might also consider the Titleist Pro V1. They offer more spin, especially on approach shots and around the green.

TaylorMade TP5

The TaylorMade TP5 is another excellent choice with a softer feel and good distance. They may be a bit more affordable and offer a balanced performance.

Final Thoughts

The Titleist AVX Golf Balls (One Dozen) offer a unique blend of longer distance, increased greenside spin and control, softer feel, and very low long game and iron spin. Whether you’re an advanced player, an intermediate, or a beginner, these golf balls can truly enhance your game and bring more joy to your time on the course. Happy golfing!

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