Review of VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls

Discover the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls, the ultimate companion for golfers seeking to enhance their game. Tailored specifically for medium and low swing speeds, these golf balls boast a three-piece cast urethane cover construction that ensures remarkable spin control and an exceptionally soft feel. The extra-thin cover delivers high short game spin, helping you to refine your performance with every stroke. Equipped with a newly designed, closed alignment line for better aiming, and available in three eye-catching colors – white, neon lime, and neon red – the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls are designed to bring both style and precision to your golfing experience. Are you searching for a golf ball that promises to enhance your game performance? Whether you’re a seasoned player or just stepping onto the green for the first time, the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls might be what you’re looking for. Let’s dive into a comprehensive review of these golf balls, examining every detail to help you understand why they might be the perfect fit for your golf bag.

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Product Overview

The VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls are designed with particular attention to detail, aimed at improving your game in every aspect. These balls are tailored for golfers with a medium to low swing speed, making them suitable for a broad range of players.

Key Features

To get a clear understanding of what the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls bring to the table, let’s take a look at their key features:

Construction3 Piece cast urethane cover
Cover ThicknessExtra-thin cover for high short game spin
Target PlayersGolfers with medium and low swing speeds
Spin ControlOutstanding spin control and extra soft feel
AlignmentClosed alignment line for better aiming
FinishGlossy outer finish
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3-Piece Cast Urethane Cover Construction

The VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls feature a three-piece cast urethane cover construction. This multi-layer design aims to deliver high performance and durability. The urethane cover is notably thin, which can significantly boost your spin during the short game. This means more control and precision when you need it most.

Recommended for Medium and Low Swing Speeds

These golf balls are excellent for players with medium and low swing speeds. If you fall into this category, you will likely appreciate the performance enhancements in your game. The ball is engineered to maximize your score performance, giving you the upper hand whether you’re a competitive player or enjoy a casual weekend game.

Outstanding Spin Control

Spin control is crucial in golf, and the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls excel in this area. The unique construction allows you to enjoy remarkable spin rates, giving you a greater command over your shots. Whether you’re looking to hook, slice, or just get some backspin, these balls can help you achieve it with ease.

Extra Soft Feel

Comfort and feel are critical when it comes to choosing the right golf ball, and the VICE Pro Soft doesn’t disappoint. With its extra-soft feel, each shot feels satisfying, from the drive to the final putt. It’s a feature that can make or break your experience, especially during long games.

Closed Alignment Line

A newly designed closed alignment line on these golf balls helps you aim better. A good alignment can be the key to hitting your target accurately, and this feature can be particularly beneficial for beginners who might struggle with aim.

Glossy Outer Finish in Three Colors

A glossy outer finish not only looks good but also improves visibility on the course. The VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls are available in WHITE, NEON LIME, and NEON RED, catering to different aesthetic preferences and helping you spot your ball more easily no matter where it lands.

Performance on the Course

Having discussed the technical specifications, let’s talk about how the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls perform during an actual game. We’ll cover various aspects such as distance, control, spin, and comfort.

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These golf balls can significantly enhance your distance, thanks to their aerodynamic design. The three-piece construction and the thin urethane cover work in harmony to reduce drag and optimize your ball’s flight. Players with medium to low swing speeds will particularly notice a difference, gaining extra yards with each shot.

Control and Precision

Control is where the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls truly shine. The outstanding spin control and the extra-soft feel allow for precise shots, even in tricky situations. Whether you’re in the rough or aiming for a difficult hole, these balls provide you with the confidence and capability you need.

Spin Rates

Spin rates are crucial for those short game shots, and the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls excel in this department. The thin urethane cover helps generate high spin rates, allowing you to stop the ball quickly on the green. It gives you an edge when going for those tight pins or tricky putts.

Comfort and Feel

With an extra-soft feel, you’re likely to experience a comfortable game from start to finish. The soft feel ensures that each shot is consistent and satisfying, making it easier to fine-tune your game and improve over time.

VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls

Learn more about the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls here.

User Experience and Feedback

To get a well-rounded perspective, we gathered feedback from players who have used the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls. Here’s a summary of what they had to say:

Positive Feedback

Most players appreciate the ball’s spin control and extra-soft feel. They noted that their short game significantly improved, likely due to the enhanced spin rates and the control offered by the thin urethane cover. Many players with medium to low swing speeds found their distance improved, making their overall game better.

Areas of Improvement

While many users found the alignment line helpful, some felt it could be even more pronounced. A few players also mentioned that they would like to see more color options beyond the current offerings of WHITE, NEON LIME, and NEON RED.

Comparison with Other Golf Balls

To give you a clearer picture, let’s compare the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls with some other popular options on the market.

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VICE Pro Soft vs. Titleist Pro V1

FeatureVICE Pro SoftTitleist Pro V1
Construction3 Piece cast urethane cover3 Piece urethane cover
Spin ControlHighModerate-High
FeelExtra SoftSoft

VICE Pro Soft vs. Callaway Chrome Soft

FeatureVICE Pro SoftCallaway Chrome Soft
Construction3 Piece cast urethane cover4 Piece urethane cover
Spin ControlHighHigh
FeelExtra SoftSoft

VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls

Pros and Cons

To summarize, let’s look at the pros and cons of the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls.


  • High Spin Control: Perfect for your short game.
  • Extra Soft Feel: Makes each shot satisfying.
  • Enhanced Distance: Especially beneficial for medium to low swing speeds.
  • Better Alignment: Helps improve your aiming.
  • Durable: Thanks to the three-piece construction.


  • Limited Color Options: Only available in WHITE, NEON LIME, and NEON RED.
  • Alignment Line: Could be more pronounced for some players.

Buying Guide

If you’re convinced the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls are right for you, here’s a quick guide to help you make your purchase.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls from various retailers, including online stores and physical golf shops. Amazon, VICE’s official website, and many sports shops are good places to start.

Price Range

The price is typically lower than other high-end golf balls, making it a cost-effective choice. Look out for deals and discounts, especially during the golfing season.

Choosing the Right Color

Available in three colors, choose the one that suits your visibility needs and aesthetic preference. WHITE is more traditional, while NEON LIME and NEON RED provide higher visibility.

Care and Maintenance

To ensure your VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls remain in top condition, it’s essential to take good care of them.


Regular cleaning can help maintain the performance of the balls. Use a mild soap and water solution, and scrub gently with a soft brush.


Store your golf balls in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or in your car, as extreme temperatures can affect their performance.

Final Thoughts

The VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls stand out as an excellent option for golfers with medium to low swing speeds looking to improve their game. From outstanding spin control to an extra-soft feel, these golf balls offer features that can enhance every aspect of your performance on the green. Though they come with a few minor drawbacks, the overall benefits make them a solid addition to your golf equipment.

So, are you ready to take your golf game to the next level with the VICE Pro Soft Golf Balls? Give them a try, and you might just find yourself playing the best rounds of your life.

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