Same Golf Swing? How to Hit Every Golf Club in your Bag

Do you know how to use all 14 golf clubs in your bag? Use the golf tips in this video to learn how to adapt your golf setup and golf swing to hit your driver, your fairway woods, your hybrids, your irons and your wedges.

Largely, you will want to use the same swing with every club in your bag (except for the putter, obviously). That being said, there are different tweaks you need to make to your setup to account for the different length of club and type of shot you want to hit.

When using a wedge and for a full swing you will want to use a narrower stance and put the ball in the middle of that stance. Naturally, you will stand closer to the ball than you would with a driver because wedges are shorter than woods. But except for those modifications, you should aim to swing at the ball as you normally would. (Note that those tips apply to full swings, not for chipping or pitching…)

When you are using an iron or a hybrid, you will want to widen your stance a little and progressively place the ball further forward in your stance as the number of your club lowers. You will be a little further away from the ball to account for the longer club shaft length. But again, your swing should remain largely the same with any of your irons. The same takeaway, backswing, transition, impact, release and follow through should be executed regardless of the number at the bottom of your club.

Finally, with your driver, the ball will be located all the way forward in your stance, in line with your instep. You will be further away from the ball still and you should widen your stance a little more. But again, the swing is essentially the same. Don’t try to adopt a different golf swing for each of your golf clubs and instead swing your swing!

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