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How To Hit a Tee Shot

So let’s talk about the opening tee shirt. Everybody wants the opening tee shirt. Well for me it is probably the most important shot as the short I’ll be the most deliberate with. Okay. I’m not looking for my longest drive off the first tee I, it’s the one where tension will be the killer. So for the first tee, my thoughts off the first tee are to get behind the ball, have a couple of really good deep breaths.

a lot of times you seem to help me to close my eyes and just realize, yeah, do you know what I do visualize? I visualize the tension running right out of my toes. I really do. I want the, I want that

because I want the attention to go and ride head to my toes, just like water going along the floor and I want this swing. I make off the 30 to be the slowest, most deliberate, least aggressive swing of the day I make. Now that’s just the opposite of most people. But if I go ahead and hit one hand, if I do my first tee procedure

tension out and I’m going to feel that this swing in my world is in slow motion. Now when I’m a bit amped up and I’m playing it won’t look slow cause I’ve seen in films. But for me this is a fairly slow golf swing and in having a fairly slow, I’m pretty sure I can control it and obviously that would be right down the fairway. So it’s like a game of chess to me. You’ve got to put the first one in play and then then you walk off the tee with a good flooding. So just slashing off the first tee. Terrible idea. The next thing I want to talk about and, and I’m not going to let you hit a driver cause there’s only two ends you need, but, but you can certainly mimic me while you can mimic this, sometimes it’s very advisable to hit a soft drawer off the tee.

A soft draw for us, we’re right handlers would be a little bit right to left a soft draw. And so if you want a soft draw, will you aim a bit right off the tee to start with. But to soft draw means a soft lead arm. [inaudible] arm. Okay. If the lead arm is soft, no tension there, very minimal minimum under demand, no tension because you’d probably wouldn’t be holding the club but minimal reducing it to two, at least two. But a soft left arm for us, a soft lean arm is more likely to fold through the hitting area. And as the, as the lead arm falls, the soft left arm lead arm through the bowl makes it easy to draw it. Let me just pop one of those in there and show you that if the lead arm stays soft through the ball, it is easier to draw it draw.

Uh, finally I learned that if I’m going to draw it, I should probably aim a bit right cause it’s not good to draw it from the middle of the fairway into the trees on the left. So to hit a draw, I’m going to aim just a little bit, right? I’m going to really be mindful of keeping this lead arm soft, especially through the hitting area just so there’s a good chance of that club just tumbling and turning over just a little bit more and I’m looking to me, I’m looking into the right, I’m not looking at the target, you don’t want it to come back to the target, but are you going to have a soft lead arm through the hitting area here and as a lead arms a bit soft is beginning to come back. He didn’t come back a lot but it is coming back and it would be absolutely fine on the right half of the fairly cause.

I don’t want to hook. So soft draw now that leads. We have one last thing off the tee. Alright. One of the great things about being where I’m in my life is I get to be around really, really great players and probably just just three weeks ago I got the chance to speak to tiger woods and I asked him what he does in cross swings off the tee. Now we know he’s had a bit of trouble with his back, but what he does with cross winds off the tee, and he said, well, Martin, it depends. It depends. It depend on what, it depends on where the landing area is. If you’ve got, if the Roth isn’t to deepen and you’ve got room, he would say, let it ride the wind. If it’s the left, right wind, let it ride the wind. But if it’s a tight driving area and the rough is relatively long, then you turn it back into the wind. So that’s where it is helpful to know how to draw and fade. But there’s plenty of room. Let it ride the winds at tiger woods and I agree with it.

Blair O’Neal and Martin Hall discuss several drills to improve your driver striking skills.

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  1. Just watching the Honda classic on the golf channel. Five minutes of golf two minutes of commercials five minutes of golf two minutes of commercials five minutes of golf two minutes of commercials. Arnold Palmer must be rolling in his grave. I’m done with the golf channel. What a disgusting display of greed.

  2. Golf????? What golf on golf channel? There’s only ENDLESS commercials that repeat 100 times a day. This channel is about nothing BUT making money by the truckload and golf is only the mechanism they use to bait the hooks. I can’t watch this channel anymore as I’ve given up on any decent presentation and continuity and in it’s place is a flea market of phony scam items to get your cash. No more for me and many others, as golf programming is no priority here at all.

  3. No turn. When you step in straight from a practice swing, just like the practice swing, it will be absent of any turn. That is why the practice swing is always better for nearly all players than the correct stroke in real play. It is absent of a turn. The swing is simple. It is incorporating the turn that is difficult.

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