Simple Moves For An EFFORTLESS & POWERFUL Golf Swing

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Simple Moves For An EFFORTLESS & POWERFUL Golf Swing

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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8 thoughts on “Simple Moves For An EFFORTLESS & POWERFUL Golf Swing

  1. Wonder if you guys might shed some views on something ? What do you think about putting a table / desert spoon under your glove ……so the spoon bit touches the dorsum of your hand if you start cupping the wrists through swing. I seen it suggested somewhere but wonder if you think it would help ? Thanks in advance

  2. This is a fundamentally solid piece of instruction, Clay. Allowing weight and momentum to dictate natural swing speed is spot on. This ‘feel’ has been a central focus of my practice with driver. It also helps create the catapult effect you speak of in your TopSpeed Golf System. I have witnessed my average swing speed increase from 103mph to 112mph maxing out at 117mph with room to spare. My goal is 120 mph with a game speed of 115mph. Love your videos and I am also a TopSpeed subscriber.

  3. The tennis racket drill or “motorcycle move” is the definition of manipulating the clubface. Golf would be much easier of you didn’t need to do anything to square the face at speed. But you need to do a whole lot of things in the correct sequence – and manipulating the club with the wrists in an awkward forward roll move is one of them. For me – this move makes me hit down (tops it) or pull-left with driver.

  4. To square the face at impact, can’t you just close the club face more at address? Effectively take a stronger grip. Seems like that’s a lot simpler than trying to manipulate ones wrists in the middle of the swing. Too much to think about to bow the wrist in the middle of my swing. Your thoughts?

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