Stop heel contact / sliced shots with Driver

How To Hit a Tee Shot


Steve Buzza answers a subscriber's question on the issues they are having with their tee shots with Driver.

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23 thoughts on “Stop heel contact / sliced shots with Driver

  1. great advice steve! ive realised I have being doing this as well with my irons for the last few weeks. including a few shanks! would it be same advice for irons?

  2. Glad you went onto the third point as I hit it out of the heel but usually hit a straight pull with a small fade. Really trying to flatten my downswing!!

  3. Thanks Buzzman, this is my biggest problem right now with my driver and woods. I’ve been trying to fix this for weeks with little success. Definitely have tried the Fix #1, even tried setting up with the ball on the outside of the toe of the club. I will definitely be trying Fix #2, toe up and lower hands. Dry erase markers also work well to show strike patterns.

  4. I took this to the course yesterday along with some putting changes from @RickShielsPGA and shot my best 9 hole score ever a +4 40 with 2 birdies 3 pars 2 bogey and 2 double bogey increased my average drive by 20 yards and only had 13 putts you guys have it together across the pond

  5. Please stop thanking us for cheeeeeeecking the video out, Buzz. I know that you must feel committed to it now, but it just sounds so contrived that I’m sure it puts people off.

    You’re obviously a really sound guy – you don’t need a Parfield style catchphrase because you produce great content.

  6. thanks buzza, really like this vlog. i hope this will help my slice with driver. i hit draws/ hooks upto my 18 degree hybrid, but 3w occasionally slice, but driver i slice and slice and slice. when i try to put it right i duck hook. good luck in new venture.

  7. I went to the range today, hit mostly good drives, but every. Single. ONE… was off the heel. And not just slightly off the heel, but way, way off centre. No matter what I did, I couldn’t stop doing it. For some reason I seem hard-wired to overcompensate for every adjustment I make, to keep hitting it off the heel. Very frustrating.

    And I was still getting relatively good distance (by which I mean maybe 250 yard carry, not exactly pro-level but not bad for me). If I could just fix this problem, I imagine I’d get a bit more.

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