Stop Hitting Your Golf Shots Too High

How To Hit a Tee Shot


Stop Hitting Your Golf Shots Too High. Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about loft at impact and how it can effect your golf shots. Controlling loft for many golfers helps them hit the target and reach the desired distance. Improve your golf swing with simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instruction from Mark Crossfield.

22 thoughts on “Stop Hitting Your Golf Shots Too High

  1. Hey mark.

    For your normal  shots where you are trying to zero out all angles etc do you focus on this so you can de-loft or  is this only for students that tend to twist and helping them get the right feeling?
    2. How can this drill be used in conjunction with your flatting the shaft will this drop the hands it’s really difficult to try and flatten the shaft and bow wrist.

  2. I owe you one Mark. Tried this on the Valley course at Royal Portrush and hit some blinding shots into the wind. Managed 80 gross 72 net 1 over handicap.

  3. Was randomly getting some very high loft drives at the range and thought I was teeing them up too high. At home, indoors, saw I was hitting 25 degrees plus. I was absolutely opening the face up. Spot on.

  4. Looks like he takes it too far inside on backswing and swaying a bit to the right (and possibly lifting body as well). Then he’s falling forward on downswing (watch the level of his head and his right foot is up on toes).

  5. Let me give you guys some hard truth. No tour pro has ever said “I used to suck at golf but thanks to coaching I’m now on the pga tour”. Sure you may go from shooting in the 100s to shooting in the 80s but every person has their limit of talent. Teaching golf is a racket. You don’t have to teach a person how to through a football or how to sing. It’s just natural. Yes these “teachers” know what their talking about and can see the faults in your swing but they can’t swing the club for you. Every pro athlete has always had the natural talent to do what they do. All coaching does is screw them up. Just think about the old days before coaches. They didn’t have to learn anything they just did it. Golf is the only sport that people obsess over how to do it.

    1. Heres some hard truth for you, almost EVERY tour pro has a swing coach. you are right in that everyone has a certain level of ability but every professional athlete has a coach and to assume they would be as good without them is rather naive.

    2. @Theyoungthibby its so moronic. Coaches have been teaching people how to shoot for years. The best pros have always had the best coaches and trainers.

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