Stop Slicing Your Driver | Complete Guide

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Stop Slicing Your Driver Complete Guide

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Clay Ballard

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23 thoughts on “Stop Slicing Your Driver | Complete Guide

    1. @Nathan ThreeLeaf With what? That its a good video or swinging to the right is no good if you can’t square the face?
      It is a very informative video. All I’m saying is some players just cannot for whatever reason square the face at normal swing speed. Thats why they ended up with a slice in the first place.

  1. Thank you so much. I am 5ā€™2ā€ and use standard length clubs (bent flat). Any other tips that pertain to a naturally flat plane due to my height. Iā€™m a 13 handicap and rely on my drive and mid-long clubs to make greens in regulation. Thanks again!

  2. I’m starting to feel like I will always have a slice. I have tried dozens of adjustments/recommendations but to no avail, the slice is there more often than it’s not. I haven’t completely given up yet, so I’ll be trying these out to see if they have any effect. If they can solve my problems, I feel like they could solve anyone’s.

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