TaylorMade Golf Stealth Steel Fairway #7 Righthanded Review

TaylorMade Golf Stealth Steel Fairway #7 Righthanded Review
As an avid golfer, the clubs in my bag mean everything to me. They’re the tools of my trade, after all. And when it comes to the long game, the TaylorMade Golf Stealth Steel Fairway #7 Righthanded club is an absolute game-changer. It’s not just about hitting the ball; it’s about where and how the ball lands. The Stealth #7 is designed to give you enhanced forgiveness, distance, and precision playability. Its features are all about making your shots straighter, and it does this using corrective face angles and a refined weight distribution system.

Design and Quality

If you’re one who appreciates the beauty of design and the quality of construction, the Stealth #7 has you covered. Its V Steel design is a modern classic, enhancing forgiveness while maintaining optimal launch properties. The 3D carbon crown and refined V Steel sole create a profile that’s both attractive and functional. When it comes to quality, the club’s multi-material construction, which includes the all-new 3D carbon crown, results in high MOI performance.

Deep Dive into the Key Features and Benefits

In my time with the Stealth #7, I’ve noticed three key features that stand out: its maximum forgiveness, easy alignment system, and enhanced V Steel design.

Maximum Forgiveness

Forgiveness in golf is about reducing the penalty of bad shots. The Stealth #7, built from carbon DNA, delivers on this promise. The advanced multi-material construction allowed engineers to shift weight lower and deeper in the clubhead. This not only improves performance but also gives an added advantage of precision playability.

Easy Alignment

Golf is all about precision, and this club helps ensure that with its advanced laser alignment system. It’s a subtle yet powerful tool that boosts your confidence and improves accuracy. This laser-etched pattern is also cleanly placed, adding to the overall aesthetic of the club.

Enhanced V Steel Design

The updated V Steel design is something I’ve personally found to be a great advantage. It enhances forgiveness while maintaining optimal launch properties. Plus, it improves turf interaction and versatility, reducing friction at impact.

Comparing Stealth #7 with Similar Products

When compared with similar products in the market, the Stealth #7 stands out due to its enhanced forgiveness, laser alignment, and refined V Steel design. These features are not as optimally implemented in most other clubs. Moreover, the Stealth #7’s innovative weight distribution system makes it a clear winner for golfers looking to improve their long game.

Pros and Cons


  1. Maximum forgiveness thanks to advanced multi-material construction.
  2. Easy alignment with the laser etching system.
  3. Enhanced V Steel design for improved launch properties.


  1. Might take some time to get used to for beginners.

Why is Stealth #7 Better?

The Stealth #7 is better than other products mainly due to its unique features, quality construction, and the thoughtful design that went into it. Not many clubs can offer the same level of forgiveness, easy alignment, and enhanced V Steel design in one package.

Genuine User Experiences and Testimonials

Many users like have found the Stealth #7 to be of great help in improving their game. They noted an increase in distance, better launch off the deck, and overall improved shot direction. The overall consensus is that this club is a “must” for those looking to improve their game.

Tips and Tricks

For new users, it might take some time to get used to the weight and feel of the club. But don’t worry, once you get the hang of it, the Stealth #7 can help improve your game significantly. Remember to make use of the laser etching system for alignment and let the club’s design do the rest.


Q: Who is this club best suited for? A: The Stealth #7 is suited for both beginner and professional golfers looking to improve their long game.

Q: Can I use this club if I am left-handed? A: This review is for the righthanded club. However, TaylorMade does offer a left-handed version of the Stealth #7.


In conclusion, the TaylorMade Golf Stealth Steel Fairway #7 Righthanded is a top-notch club that can significantly enhance your long game. Its key features such as maximum forgiveness, easy alignment, and the enhanced V Steel design all work together to provide a fantastic golfing experience. While it may take some time for beginners to get used to it, the benefits it offers make it worth the effort. For those looking to add an excellent club to their golf bag, the Stealth #7 is a great option to consider.

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