TaylorMade Truss Putters (TM2, 36in) Review

Are you in search of a high-quality putter that will transform your golf game? Look no further than the TaylorMade Truss Putters! With their innovative design and superior performance, these putters are perfect for golfers of all skill levels. The TM2 model, available in a 36in length, provides excellent control and accuracy on the greens. Plus, you have the option to choose the grip that best suits your preferences, with the Stock Blue Skinny Sink Fit grip as the default option. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to improve your game, the TaylorMade Truss Putters are a must-have addition to your golf bag.

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Why Consider This Product?

If you’re a golf enthusiast looking to improve your putting game, then you’ll definitely want to consider the TaylorMade Truss Putters (TM2, 36in). This innovative product offers a range of features and benefits that can take your golfing experience to the next level.

The TaylorMade Truss Putters have been designed based on scientific research and evidence, making them highly effective in enhancing your putting technique. The unique truss construction of the putter head provides increased stability and improved alignment, leading to more accurate putts. This design has been proven to reduce twisting and face rotation, resulting in smoother strokes and better control over the ball.

Not only are the TaylorMade Truss Putters backed by scientific research, but they also come with several certifications and endorsements that further enhance their credibility. Trusted golf professionals and renowned instructors have praised the performance of these putters, highlighting their ability to improve consistency and accuracy on the green.

Find your new TaylorMade Truss Putters (TM2, 36in on this page.

Features and Benefits

Enhanced Stability

The truss construction of the TaylorMade Truss Putters offers enhanced stability during the putting stroke. This feature ensures minimal twisting and face rotation, allowing for more consistent and accurate putts. With this putter in your hands, you’ll have increased confidence in your ability to sink those crucial short putts.

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Improved Alignment

Aligning your putter correctly is vital for making accurate putts. The TaylorMade Truss Putters feature a unique design that aids in alignment. The truss structure visually guides your eyes and helps you set up your putts more accurately. This feature is particularly helpful for golfers who struggle with alignment or have difficulty visualizing the correct putting line.

Enhanced Feel and Control

Golfers often seek a putter that provides great feel and control. The TaylorMade Truss Putters excel in this aspect by offering a responsive feel and exceptional control. The innovative design and high-quality materials used ensure that you can achieve a smooth and controlled stroke, boosting your confidence on the green.

Versatile Grip Options

The TaylorMade Truss Putters come with the option to choose from a range of grip options, including the Stock Blue Skinny Sink Fit. This allows you to select a grip that suits your preferences and provides the maximum level of comfort and control. Experimenting with different grip options can help you find the one that enhances your putting performance.

Product Quality

When it comes to golf equipment, you want to invest in a product that guarantees quality and durability. The TaylorMade Truss Putters are crafted with precision and care, ensuring their longevity and performance. The materials used are of the highest standards, providing a premium feel and ensuring that the putter will withstand the rigors of the golf course.

What It’s Used For

Improving Putting Technique

The primary use of the TaylorMade Truss Putters is to improve your putting technique. The enhanced stability and alignment features make it easier for golfers to consistently square the putter face at impact, resulting in improved accuracy and distance control. By using this putter, you can work towards perfecting your putting stroke and lowering your scores on the green.

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Enhancing Consistency

Consistency is key in golf, particularly when it comes to putting. The TaylorMade Truss Putters can help you achieve that much-needed consistency in your putting stroke. The truss design minimizes face rotation and twisting, allowing you to deliver a repeatable stroke every time you putt. This consistency translates to more predictable results and greater confidence on the green.

Improving Alignment

Aligning your putter correctly is crucial for sinking putts. The TaylorMade Truss Putters offer visual alignment aids due to their unique truss structure. This feature helps golfers improve their alignment and set up their putts more accurately, reducing the chances of misalignment and improving overall putting performance.

Achieving Better Distance Control

Distance control is a crucial aspect of putting. The TaylorMade Truss Putters allow golfers to achieve better distance control by providing a more stable and consistent stroke. The enhanced stability and control offered by these putters help golfers develop a better feel for distance, leading to more accurate lag putts and avoiding three-putts.

Product Specifications

Putter ModelTM2
Putter Length36 inches
Grip OptionsStock Blue Skinny Sink Fit
Truss ConstructionYes

Who Needs This

The TaylorMade Truss Putters are suitable for golfers of all skill levels who are looking to improve their putting game. Whether you’re a beginner struggling with alignment or an experienced golfer aiming to enhance your consistency and control, this putter can benefit you. By incorporating the innovative features of the TaylorMade Truss Putters into your game, you can take your putting performance to new heights.

Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced stability and alignment for improved accuracy
  • Versatile grip options for maximum comfort and control
  • Premium build quality for durability and longevity
  • Endorsed by golf professionals and industry experts


  • Some golfers may prefer a traditional putter design
  • Limited stock color options for grip


  1. Can I switch out the grip on the TaylorMade Truss Putter?

    • Yes, the TaylorMade Truss Putters allow for interchangeable grips, allowing you to experiment with different options.
  2. Are the TaylorMade Truss Putters suitable for both right and left-handed golfers?

    • Yes, these putters are available in both right-handed and left-handed models to accommodate all golfers.
  3. Will the truss design affect the weight distribution of the putter?

    • No, the truss design is specifically engineered to provide stability without compromising the weight distribution of the putter.
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What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have used the TaylorMade Truss Putters have expressed their satisfaction with the product. They have praised the enhanced stability, improved alignment, and overall feel and control of the putter. Many customers have also noted improvements in their putting performance and lauded the craftsmanship and build quality of the putter.

Overall Value

For golfers seeking to enhance their putting performance, the TaylorMade Truss Putters offer excellent value. With their scientifically-backed design, versatile grip options, and premium build quality, these putters provide a great investment for golfers of all skill levels. The improved stability, alignment, and control offered by these putters can translate to lower scores and increased confidence on the green.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To get the best results with the TaylorMade Truss Putters, consider the following tips and tricks:

  1. Spend time practicing your alignment using the visual alignment aids provided by the truss structure.
  2. Experiment with different grip options to find the one that suits your preferences and provides optimal comfort and control.
  3. Focus on developing a smooth and consistent stroke, utilizing the enhanced stability offered by the putter.
  4. Pay attention to distance control by practicing lag putts and getting accustomed to the feel of the putter.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The TaylorMade Truss Putters (TM2, 36in) are a game-changing addition to any golfer’s bag. With their innovative truss design, versatile grip options, and premium build quality, these putters offer stability, alignment, and control that can significantly improve your putting performance. Backed by scientific research and praised by industry experts, these putters are a reliable choice for golfers looking to take their game to the next level.

Final Recommendation

If you’re serious about improving your putting game, the TaylorMade Truss Putters (TM2, 36in) are a must-have. With their enhanced stability, improved alignment, and versatility, these putters provide the tools you need to sink more putts with confidence. Invest in the TaylorMade Truss Putters and experience the difference they can make in your golfing journey.

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