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TecTecTec VPro500 Golf Rangefinder Review: Accuracy on a Budget

TecTecTec VPro500 Review

There are many things to consider when looking at golf rangefinders. You want a device that is lightweight, easy to operate, fast when measuring the distance to a target, provides accurate measurements and most importantly you don’t want to break the bank buying it.

Today we are going to take a look at the VPro500 Golf Rangefinder from TecTecTec.

This is a very popular rangefinder due to its’ many features, ease of use and the price range.

I have compared many golf rangefinders in my search for a high quality, dependable unit that I can use when I play.

Let’s see if this unit will help the average golfer shave a few strokes off of their game.

What’s in the Box

Upon opening the box you will find (1) VPro500 rangefinder, (1) cloth carrying case, (1) CR2 battery, (1) wrist strap, (1) microfiber cleaning cloth and a quick start guide to get you up and running very quickly.

Product Features
  • PinSensor Technology provides accuracy to within 1 yard
  • Water Resistant Body
  • Continuous Measurement Mode measuring up to 540 yards
  • Through the Lens Display provides very clear display for quick measurements
  • 6X Magnification
  • Two Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Class 1 Laser for Eye Safety
PinSensor Technology

The PinSensor technology in the VPro500 allows you to easily measure the distance to your target, even if there are other objects overlapping your target. The advanced laser technology provides accurate measurements to your target that are within 1 yard.

The locking function allows you to quickly recheck your measurement so that you can eliminate any second thoughts about your club selection.

Water Resistant Body

The unit itself is a water resistant device. The included carrying case provides additional shock and weatherproofing.

Continuous Measurement Mode

The scan mode allows you to scan the terrain continuously while pausing over a target will display the distance to that target. This allows you to quickly determine the distance to and over a bunker for example.

Through the Lens Display

The screen has a diopter adjustment so that you can get a clear view even if you are near or far sighted. This is a feature that many higher priced rangefinders do not have.

User Modes

The VPro500 has 3 user operational modes for measuring distances to a target.

Normal Mode – to quickly find the distance to a stand-alone target like the flagstick. This mode is best used for fairly close shots and simple, clean shots

Scan Mode – to scan terrain while stopping to check the distance to any target object like trees, water or bunkers. Scan mode is best for more difficult shots like over water or bunkers.

Pin Mode – to measure the distance to an object like the flagstick using a flag icon on the screen and panning around your intended target. Pan Mode is best when there are background objects that may interfere with accurate measurements.

Each mode is accessed by pushing the mode button and/or the power button. The selected mode will then be displayed on the screen.

What I don’t like about the VPro500

This is a personal preference but I do not like devices that turn themselves off. I know that feature is a battery saver but I prefer to have control over when anything I use gets turned off.

My only other issue is that you only get a 12-month warranty on the unit unless you register your purchase with TecTecTec. Once registered, you get a full 24-month warranty. That seems a little shady to me but it is their policy.

What Customers Say

Customers who have purchased and used the VPro500 like the fact that it is an easy to use rangefinder. Most report that it functions accurately right out of the box.

They also complement the speed and accuracy of the measurements that they get when using it on the golf course. Many have favorably compared it to higher priced units that their playing partners have. They find the accuracy is as good, if not better, than the higher priced units and at about half of the price!

The continuous scan mode is one of the highest rated features of this unit. Having the ability to quickly measure the distance to the front of the green, then to the pin, and finally to the back of the green is a feature that many higher priced units either don’t have or they do it poorly.

Some customers have reported issues with obtaining accurate readings from this model. These are usually traced back to the unit needing to be sent in for repair, dirt on the lens, user error or the fact that the unit does not take slope into account in the distance measurements.

TecTecTec customer service has also drawn high praise from their customers. From providing straightforward how-to help to repairing or replacing units their service has been rated as well above average overall.

Who is the VPro500 For

Since this is a Line of Sight rangefinder it is legal for use in most amateur tournaments. It also can be used when playing a round of golf at your favorite course if local rules allow.

For golfers whose eyes aren’t as strong as they used to be, this rangefinder can help you determine accurate distances to hazards or to the pin. Having that information along with your own personal knowledge of how you hit your clubs should allow you to shave a couple of strokes off of your round.

Who Shouldn’t Use the VPro500

This unit does not take slope into account when providing measurements like the Leupold rangefinders with TGR mode do. Because of that, it also doesn’t provide club selection advice to the golfer.

If you are interested in those features then you may want to look at the Leupold GX-3i3 rangefinder.


Overall I’m pleased with what I have found with this unit. While not perfect (what device is?), the combination of features provided by this newly upgraded for 2018 laser rangefinder is hard to beat in this price range.

Based on my research, I can confidently say that this is a good rangefinder and that I think you will be more than satisfied with it if you decide to purchase it.

You can find more info and current pricing on the VPro500 on Amazon by clicking here.


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