The Best Golf Drivers for Women in 2022

With ladies’ golf showing unprecedented growth in the last few years, the demand for drivers that suit specific skill levels and swing speeds is increasing. For ladies, like men, having the correct driver for your game is a critical element as the driver is a very important club.

Golf’s top brands like TaylorMade’s Sim Max and M6, the Callaway Mavrik, Ping’s G425, PXG’s 0211, and Cobra F9 are all high-quality drivers for female golfers, each designed to deliver different results based on swing speed and offer various loft and distance options for women golfers.

Aside from the major brands, some other drivers provide outstanding performance at budget prices, so let’s tee it up and check out some of the best golf drivers for women in 2022.

What Factors Should You Consider When Looking For A Driver

The impact of COVID on golf worldwide has seen more players take up the game, and women’s golf has seen unprecedented growth during 2020, especially. This has resulted in the demand for drivers that are more suited to women growing, and club makers have taken the time to design drivers that are more suited to the women’s game.

There are several that should be considered for women when looking at a driver, including the player’s swing speed and skill level and the clubhead design, loft, weight, and shaft specifications. Most female players will find they enjoy their golf game even more if they are using one of the best women’s golf drivers.

Let’s look at these club elements in more detail to see why they are essential and which would be better suited to your game, and then we can examine the best women’s drivers in 2022.

Why Swing Speed Is Important When Selecting A Driver

Women naturally have slower swing speeds than men, with most women (aside from the pros and low handicap players who tend to have faster swing speeds) tending to swing around the 80mph mark. This means that the choice of driver and shaft are vital for performance off the tee.

If you don’t know your current swing speed, the first step is to get it measured. This single metric will narrow the choice of driver and shaft down significantly and speed up finding the right club for your game.

Swing Speed And Club Loft

Golf drivers come in many different lofts. The faster the swing speed, the less loft you need on your driver, so if you have a quicker than average swing, you will get the ball into the air easier with a lower lofted driver than someone with a slower swing speed would.

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Conversely, if you are swinging around that 80mph mark, then a driver with a higher loft will be a better option. Drivers for women typically range in lofts from 10.5 degrees to 16 degrees.

The immediate goal is to get the ball into the air and have it carry a longer distance with faster ball speed , so where swing speeds are around 60mph or 65mph (beginner golfers and high handicappers), drivers with 16 degrees of loft will offer optimum distance off the tee.

Better players will have moderate swing speeds in the 65-75mph range so they will need a little less loft when choosing a new driver.

As that swing speed increases, the loft will decrease accordingly, and LPGA players have an average swing speed of 94 mph with an average driver loft of between 9 and 11 degrees.

Also note that some clubs have a low center of gravity to help you stay down on the ball.

Shaft Flex

The following important spec with your driver is the shaft flex, which is also directly related to swing speed. The faster the player’s swing speed, the stiffer the shaft has to be and vice versa.

The shaft flex relative to swing speed allows the clubhead to get back to a square position at impact. If the driver shaft is too flex or too stiff, you will struggle with consistent ball striking on your driver, and your accuracy will resemble a shotgun spread rather than a target pistol.

Again, matching the right shaft with the swing speed is vital, and this is where your pro or store consultant can be of great value. They will have several ladies’ drivers set up with shafts for different swing speeds, so once you know your swing speed, you can test drive a few clubs and see which feels better for you.

Club Weight

When it comes to drivers for ladies (and men), the lighter the club is, the easier it is to swing, and you don’t want a club that feels like an anvil when you’re swinging it. The good news is that most drivers come with various lightweight shaft and head options for heavier or lighter overall weight.

Why The Right Ball Matters

With every level of the game, players can take advantage by picking a golf ball that suits their swing. So where you have a slower swing speed, you need more compression in the ball to get it far and high.

For higher swing speeds, a ball with lower compression will be better, and golf ball manufacturers have taken great care to design and produce golf balls that work for every type of player.

Because the ball performance of spin, height, and distance revolve extensively around swing speed, many golf balls that are suitable for senior men are also ideal for women.

The LPGA players use golf balls matched to their ability, but for the mid-handicap, beginner, and low-handicap ladies, there is a good selection of golf balls that will enhance your game in terms of distance and spin.

When discussing your driver requirements with your club fitter or pro, chat about a suitable golf ball; there are balls to suit both budgets and swing speeds available from various brands.

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With low and high compression options as well as balls that offer more and less spin for higher or lower ball flight, matching your ball to your driver can make all the difference to your game results.

So, now that you have a good idea of the club factors and why knowing your swing speed is essential, let’s look at a few of the best drivers for women in 2022.

Here are the seven best golf drivers for women in 2022.

PXG 0211- Best Overall Driver For Women 2022

PXG 0211 Womens Golf DriverBetween the Pinemeadow at the bottom end of the price range and the SIM MAX at the top, we find the PXG 0211 driver for ladies, especially in the mid to high handicap range. This driver offers great forgiveness, so off-center hits are more likely to find the fairway off the tee.

The engineers at PXG designed the clubhead with maximum aerodynamic efficiency, which delivers maximum clubhead speed at impact. They also looked at generating a softer feel off the clubface and used a honeycomb TPE insert to achieve that.

The lower CG and MOI boost resists twisting on impact and promotes a further straighter ball flight consistently, and this is why, overall, the PXG driver achieves the balance of budget and performance for ladies in 2022.

TaylorMade Sim Max Ladies – Best Premium Driver

TaylorMade Women's SIM Max DriverThis driver brings all of the best together in one package with loft ranging from 10.5 to 12 degrees. This club is suitable for women with medium swing speeds and will deliver maximum distance off the tee.

The large sweet spot and ultra-low CG and MOI provide the most forgiveness while still delivering high speed off the clubface due to its multiple materials in the clubhead and face.

Using a mix of carbon, titanium, and steel and an aerodynamic design, the SIM MAX has optimal COR (Coefficient Of Restitution), and that simply means you’ll get the most distance from ramped up ball speed.

TaylorMade’s Twist Face Technology reduces twists and the loss of distance and impact from toe and heel hits to get consistently straighter shots off the tee.

It also has a two-degree adjustable sleeve for loft and lie angles, and this club will suit mid and high-handicap players. This is a premium driver, so be prepared to lay out some cash, but the overall performance in terms of distance and forgiveness will be worth it.

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver Ladies – Best Budget Driver

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver LadiesThis driver is the best option for beginners and those on a budget, and aside from the price, this driver is offset, which helps reduce the dreaded slice off the tee.

The anti-slice clubhead helps keep the ball straighter off the tee, and this will be of great value to a beginner as the slice is often the bane of existence for new players. Unlike the SIM Max, which has an adjustable sleeve, the PGX isn’t adjustable and is only available in the draw-bias configuration.

This also isn’t the longest driver around, but the focus with this club is to build confidence off the tee by getting it straight and in play and reducing the sidespin that produces the slice.

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Callaway Big Bertha Reva Driver – Longest Driver For Ladies

Callaway Big Bertha REVA DriverWhen it comes to distance, the Big Bertha Reva has the crown, and it achieves the length by positioning the CG forward and low on the clubface. This delivers low spin and promotes greater distance for lady golfers off the tee.

Explosive ball speed across the clubface is created thanks to the use of AI in the Flash Face design, and this, coupled with the forward CG and low spin, makes this the longest driver for ladies.

Another benefit of this club is the draw bias, which, like the Pinemeadow PGX, reduces the effect of sidespin off the clubface and reduces the slice shape on the tee shots. Available in 10.5-12.5 degree lofts, this driver works for low and mid-swing speed players.

The Reva and SIM MAX sell for around the $449 mark, so this is an investment, but it is well worth considering the results.

This driver is also well suited for mid and high handicap players looking for more distance and straighter shots off the tee, and let’s face it, when it comes to distance in golf, who doesn’t want more?

Callaway Epic Flash Driver – Best For Low Handicappers

Callaway Women's Epic Flash DriversWhile this driver certainly comes at a price, the adjustability with the rear sliding weight makes this an excellent option for ladies playing at the higher levels and looking for a driver that they can fine-tune to match their game.

With 9 degrees of loft, this driver is not for players with slow swing speeds, and it also uses the AI-designed Flash Face technology to deliver faster ball speeds off the face. The lower loft coupled with higher ball speed will provide longer distances off the tee with some forgiveness for those not quite perfect hits.

The Tri-Axial Carbon Crown lightens the clubhead weight. Its adjustable perimeter weighting gives players the option to adjust for a draw, fade, or straight. The higher MOI in the clubface provides greater forgiveness due to intelligent weight distribution.

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite – Best Driver For Senior Women Golfers

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite DriverFor senior ladies looking to keep distance and direction on the plane, the Cleveland Launcher driver offers a more oversized overall clubhead and is lightweight, making it an ideal option for this level of golf.

Being slightly longer means the driver will swing faster at impact, but being light means senior ladies can play this club without issues, and it does provide less rotation at impact, making straight shots more likely.

Plus, it’s very forgiving, and even though it is not loft or weight adjustable, it is an ideal option to maintain reasonable distance and accuracy off the tee.

Wilson D9 Ladies Driver – Best Value Driver

Wilson D9 Women's DriverAs a mid-priced driver around the $380 mark, the D9 offers the Peak Kinetic Response face, which means higher ball speeds on impact and, therefore, greater distance off the tee.

The lower CG on the D9 will provide that higher ball flight, and the three-layer composite crown adds to the lightweight design making it easy to swing and control. Although the D9 doesn’t have an adjustable head, you would be able to choose the loft which works best for you.


Golf driver manufacturers are making drivers for ladies with greater variety and greater adjustability to ensure that the women can get the same results in their game as their male counterparts.

Accuracy, distance, and consistency are what every player wants, regardless of whether it’s ladies or men, and it’s a good sign to see the variety of drivers for all levels of players available for ladies in 2022.

We hope this article will help you in your quest to choose a new golf driver and that you will choose the best ladies driver to fit your game.

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