The Best Golf Tips To Strike Your Irons Solid and Pure

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The Best Golf Tips To Strike Your Irons Solid and Pure

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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38 thoughts on “The Best Golf Tips To Strike Your Irons Solid and Pure

  1. Clay as usual what a great video . .. I have a question and it is one I have had for years. What, if anything, applies from this action to the driver? I know shallowing the driver is the right action, but then, there is obviously no compressing the ball and little shaft lean on the driver swing. But how about the wrist action and clubface action . . .how much of this action in this video applies to the driver?

    1. Thanks Christopher! You should actually be compressing your driver more than any other club in your bag. Compression is just about transferring energy to the golf ball. The principles for hitting a driver are mostly the same. The only main difference is that you’re hitting up on the ball on a tee further up in your stance vs down on the ball off the ground further back in your stance. Play well! Quentin | TSG Instructor

  2. My goto Youtube coiach. after a break for 5 years, i already (after 3 weeks). Hit the ball better and feel better about Golf in general. Thanks for putting your time into this.

  3. Great info. I lose my compression at impact. I need consistency. I’ll hit 6 out of 10 good. 2 that are ok. 2 that are total scrubs. If you can, please do a video on checkpoints in the swing. Thank you sir.

    1. Hi Greg, this video you’re commenting on has all the best stuff to help you. I would practice the drills. Play well! Quentin | TSG Instructor

    1. You want to make sure you rotate but you may also be over-doing the shallowing and closing of the ease. You’ll just ease off of it if that is the case. Play well! Quentin | TSG Instructor

  4. Such great instructions, I told a few guys at my club to take a look at you guys videos. After practicing a little the iron drills to deloft the club i was able to feel the slingshot in my swing for the first time and i gained 2 clubs . Unfortunately when i showed up on the course i we t back to my old swing , so i guess I’ll go practice some more on the range untill it gets natural so I don’t switch it on the course

  5. This really helped my game! Thanks. I am 58 and have been playing golf since i was 12 and am now playing the best golf of my life! Thanks again!

  6. Hey clay thanks for the great videos. I notice I used to have an early extension when I would start my down swing and lift my body and hips up, I have since gotten into a much better compact position right before impact but I have since been hitting before the ball much more (I’m guessing it is since my body is much lower than I was used to) any tips for this specifically? Thanks!

    1. My pleasure! Make sure to get to your lead side. Feel like you’re hitting the ground more in front. Try to rotate more and release the club later.

  7. Thanks Clay, finally a pro that showed and explained to me the piece I have been missing for 30 years – the turning “in” of the wrist to close the club head. I have been away from golf for 16 years but now at practice I am hitting such nice compressed irons. I have had a good looking swing forever, reach sub 80 rounds when playing my top days, but never consistent, ever so often losing it high and to the right, not understanding,rolling over the wrists to compensate, having some quick hooks, the sense to be forced to rush a little bit. The sense of the ball sliding sideway on the face. Now they don’, full stop

    This is world class stuff! Grateful /Andy

  8. The out-in downswing or also called over-the-top comes from simply initiating the downswing with the arms while there isn’t yet a change of the weight (which must be the first thing to do as teached by Mr. Hogan) to produce the down-movement of the arms and mainly the clearenceof the lower body for the correct pathway (in-out) that the club should travel for a solid-square clubface contact, Clay has stated that very clearly and is very correct.

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