The Game Changer Right Wrist Move For Hitting The Ball Solid

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The Game Changer Right Wrist Move For Hitting The Ball Solid

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Clay Ballard

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30 thoughts on “The Game Changer Right Wrist Move For Hitting The Ball Solid

  1. When you describe the swing you show that you still have lag at impact (0:16) while compressing the ball. But in the slow motion video swing it appears at the moment of impact (3:35) you have completely straightened your wrist and there is no lag. Is this a ‘feels’ verses ‘reals’ thing? And if so is is possible to hold the lag for too long? Sorry for the long question.

    1. It’s a little bit of a feel thing. The trail wrist is likely not going to be bent back in extension to the end range of your motion unless your wrists are just really unflexibile. They are going to be bent back some. I think you might be looking at a frame that’s after impact too because I went back and looked just before the club touches the ball and Clay’s wrist is bent back. Most amateurs are going to start having their trail wrist go into flexion (flipping) at impact. You absolutely can hold the lag too long but it’s pretty rare. Lag doesn’t do you any good unless you release it and that’s what we talk about in the Straight-Line Release course on the website. Play well! Quentin | TSG Instructor

  2. Another great video Clay..Could you in your videos with iron shots put in a few slow motion frames with you swing so we can see the move with out over emphasizing the swing..Thanks…Ali

    1. You’re kidding right? The World Renowned Top Speed Golf System can get any level of golfer sorted out. Give the TSG Crew a chance to improve your game.

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