The Secret To Lag In The Golf Swing

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The Secret To Lag In The Golf Swing

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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36 thoughts on “The Secret To Lag In The Golf Swing

  1. I needed this. I keep pulling my shots. Your vid on spine angle (toward the hole/ away from hole) was super helpful…but I’m still pulling 1/2 the time. Cant wait to try this at the range later today.

  2. My right thumb doesn’t sit on the shift with my finger print pressing directly on thumb sits to side of shift with the side of my mid thumb knuckle lightly contacts the shaft..i use an interlock grip..I see loads of golfers that use their right thumb in their grip and it slows the swing down

  3. Damn it!!!!!!!!!! This video should have came out about 4 months ago!!!!!!! I knew i was using my right hand to much but was struggling to keep it back. the middle and ring finger sensations is what I was try to understand. I did not know what I SHOULD be feeling in my fingers… Greatly appreciate the video but wish I had this info 4 months ago!!! Lol

  4. Do you think a double overlap would help or hinder what you’re talking about? I played a
    Double overlap for years and it got me through the PAT but I start thinking wasn’t probably the best idea so I tried to go conventional and now I have probably a hybrid. So I guess I’m just saying I’m lost what do you think double overlap or conventional or does it even matter

    1. Hi Frank, I’d say it’s fine if you have plenty of speed. If you do hit it far then I wouldn’t recommend it because you’re reducing the amount of force you can put in the grip. Play well! Quentin | TSG Instructor

  5. Exceptional video! I feel so much through my fingers and grip during the swing. Your color coded fingers and your explanations will not correct my swing faults instantly, but it allows me to feel as I am swinging if it is going to be a good swing or something else.

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