The Shallowing Debate | Should You Shallow The Golf Club?

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The Shallowing Debate | Should You Shallow The Golf Club?

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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19 thoughts on “The Shallowing Debate | Should You Shallow The Golf Club?

    1. I agree. Too many swing thoughts ruin the swing. I just visualize how I want the shot to go and then swing away. The initial focus is where I want the ball to start to come to the target. Works for me.

  1. Body posture helps asst. – being more erect and bent at hip with weight on balls of feet for good balance assists in making a more effective/efficient shallow flight path.

  2. Clay it would be great if you did a course vlog. Like play 9 holes going over your mindset and what you’re thinking about when selecting your next shot and why. That would be a huge help to some of us I’m sure. Great drill thanks Clay.

  3. I had this issue because I started steep then would stand up before impact to close the face and make room for the club not to hit the ground. Amazing how much my swing changed

  4. You mentioned Phil Mickelson as someone who is not very shallow, but then didn’t return to actually analyze what he does and how he makes it work for him. How steep is he and how is that affecting his results?

  5. Hi Clay, great content as always. I would seem to be stuck in a different swing as I turn the wheel/ bucket in the opposite direction in the downswing to offset the momentum of the club, which wants to shallow out on its own. If I turn the wheel as you say the club will be a mile behind me and I have to have a ton of face rotation at impact in order to apply the clubhead to the ball. This is too difficult for me. Maybe the reason I am the hacker and you are the Pro:-)

  6. Clay, why wait to the downswing to square up the club? Why not rotate the wrist earlier, like on the way back, then all the focus on the downswing is just to shallow and rotate through?

  7. Sometimes I slow it down to .25 or .5 speed so I can really see your swing path and man your southern accent at .25 sounds like a northern minnesotan that has had WAAYYYY too much to drink LOL! Good content. Thanks!

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