This Simple Drill Will Completely Change Your Golf Swing Forever

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I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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16 thoughts on “This Simple Drill Will Completely Change Your Golf Swing Forever

  1. I get caddywompus at times, and find myself falling backwards. Did this last night, and it took me a few practice swings to have good contact. Could have been lack of proper warm up, or just no concentration. I keep watching to remind myself of good form overcomes shortfalls.

  2. your “rubber band drill” (that you got from the other instructor – and gave him the credit) is similar to this and a game changer also. It made me stand closer to the ball – like all pros do – and hit the sweet spot much more often. And for anyone suffering from the Sherman Tanks, (I couldn’t say the word) I think the band drill is a tremendous cure.

  3. Thank you so much for all these great free videos!! I have been watching alot of them, and my school golf tryouts are today, It will be my first time, and wow i am nervous lol. Again, thank you for the great videos!!!

  4. The key for me is to start the downswing slowly, just letting gravity do the job – then I can get my right shoulder and elbow behind the shaft and drive forward. If I come down too fast, my grip tightens, and my left wrist goes into flexion, and I push it right. If I guide the club into the slot, instead of trying to force it, then I can accelerate using rotation, extension, and release. My 7 iron carry increased from 145 to 160 yds. This might help some who are struggling with the full swing.

  5. Great video, thx! What I’m wondering, cuz I’ve seen the tennisracket drill vid, is where in the downswing you do this magic wrist move. Early in the downswing? Halfway? All the way through the downswing? Pls advice 🙂 thx in advance!

  6. Thanks for your latest video Clay. Btw, do you have a video on putting tips and how to read greens accurately? I don’t know about anyone else but I could really use some help in that area. I just recently joined a gated golf community that has eight different courses on it and the greens at all of them have breaks that are so subtle that it is hard to see them……….until the ball breaks hard left when you thought it was going to the right…or vice versa….or a putt that you read as uphill is now rolling ten feet past the hole and picking up steam. Appreciate ya.

  7. You don’t get instant access as you have to leave an email address. Oh well…..I understand the staying connected part but manipulating the wrist to square up is foggy to me.

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