Tiger hits fan

How To Hit a Tee Shot


Golf Channel footage of Tiger hitting spectator, Jeramy May in the neck on tee shot during 2010 Memorial Tournament.

38 thoughts on “Tiger hits fan

    1. HA!…He’s a legend of the game of golf who signs numerous autographs before, sometimes during and certainly after a round. It’s called being a professional.

    2. More importantly, it is in his bag to mark his golfballs. Although, more often than not pros will show up to the course with their balls prepared, usually half a dozen

  1. lol i wish i was him, first off he gave tiger a way better ball spot then where it would have been of it didnt hit him second he met tiger third tiger signed his own glove and gave it to him, lucky guy all around.

    1. @dish sope Depending if he won this tournament, prob 5 to 15k thousand. Prob worth a big more than regular gloves or shoes since it has a story behind it and it being on TV when he signed it. His shirts that he signed and wore in game go for 15 to 30k.

    2. tjorven stevens 5-10K all day. Tiger is one of the hardest autographs to obtain and to get him on “course worn” products is crazy rare. His exclusive contract with UD makes anything besides a flag or hat very valuable and even the hats go for $250-$400

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