Tiger Woods Curses His Tee Shot Then Hits It Close

How To Hit a Tee Shot


From the 2002 Buick Open second round.

Tiger yells "G****mm*t!" after a wayward tee shot on a par 5. His pushed tee shot ends up in the right rough. Then he promptly knocks his approach from 267 in the rough with a hard cut through the trees.

Is he coming back? タイガーウッズ


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13 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Curses His Tee Shot Then Hits It Close

  1. Honestly I just don’t get how you can hit a 2 iron 267 out of the fescue with a big cut. I mean if I had to play a draw I can at least see it, but this is pretty ridiculous. Given this feat I wouldn’t put a big 300 yard 2 iron out of the question.

    1. Tiger’s swing ever so slightly naturally fades from what i’ve seen. No reason whatsoever a fade can’t go as far as the fabled draw….. it just spins the other way.

    2. Yes there is. Your draws go further because the club face is shut relative to the target line, whereas a fade has an open club face to the target line. An open club face ADDS loft, thus decreasing total distance (More loft = Less Distance). It’s simple physics.

    3. TheArfdog

      Lol go tell anyone that plays golf at any kind of a high level that a fade goes as far as a draw. What a ridiculous comment. Yes, draws go further than fades with all else being equal because the face is more closed, which = less loft

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