Tiger Woods Fixes Amateur Golf Swings

Swing Tips


A few weeks ago we asked fans to take the ultimate leap of faith by submitting a video of their swing to be critiqued by none other than Tiger Woods himself. Quite a few took the plunge, and Woods didn’t hold back with his analysis putting his golf IQ on full display.

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37 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Fixes Amateur Golf Swings

    1. Dude he’s had 6 different golf swings and he’s won with all of them, yes he knows the golf swing in and out he might have the highest golf iq in history.

    1. @Functional Programming to be fair, I’m sure tiger calls any and all of the shots for “golf tv”. I do like her interview style, and think she did a great job, but if he wanted her gone, she’d be gone.

    2. @Micky M. i agree tiger as man finds her very attractive….Hes a regular guy. Never questioned that. Also agree she would be gone if he didnt like her or she wouldnt get the access she does.

      Im just these comments about “somethings going on” in EVERY VIDEO is really dumb, especially when his girlfriend is practically in the room next door and watches every move he makes LOL

    3. @Functional Programming They’ve known each other since 2006 when Henni was 16…. I’d say she’s a lil sis to Tiger, she’s a great girl, who wouldn’t want to have Henni as a friend!!!

    4. @Gareth Jones he was introduced to her at that age. Not sure they were friends. Hes known his girlfriend erica 10 years too. Its no big deal

  1. I have been enjoying Tiger since the Mike Douglas show when Tiger was 3 or 4. I really enjoyed this video and even learned something. Thank you and I hope you do more.

  2. Great interview. Tiger’s tips are so good, simple changes that we can easily incorporate. Like to way he keeps reminding us to enjoy the game, at whatever level we are at.

  3. Love it, giving back. I have massive smile watching this, especially with the little ones. I think Tiger is recounting his own fond childhood memories. Tiger you are a gift to Golf and humanity, thank you.

    1. @RDJ410 When he fell off his high horse he realized that humility is not that bad. I think also having kids helped relax him. I can’t really imagine him doing this type of video back in the day.
      As far as his body, I’m looking at him and like, man he can play for years. As long as his back stays healthy. He looks great!

  4. When you are “1” of the two best to ever play the game I suppose it is understandable that your assessment may be somewhat ‘critical.’

  5. Tiger looking fit and ready to go! One upside to this quarantine is how much access to some of these people we didn’t have before.

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