Top 5 Tips For The 80 Yard Golf Shot

Swing Tips


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Clay Ballard

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11 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips For The 80 Yard Golf Shot

  1. The best tip in golf is that the swing is all in your torso. It’s like a pendulum. Do not move your head and hit the club face square. That’s it.

  2. The forward shaft lean makes sense, could have used this yesterday. I came up short on a few holes from 85 yards. As a lefty I have been hitting my wedges to the right of the pin. I have checked my alignment and grip, do you have any suggestions?

    1. Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard I think eventually this will be the biggest channel on YouTube. Rick shiels holds it at the minute and well deserved .. likeable relatable northern chap with great content. But your attention detail and awesome content intertwined with your kind hearted aura… I Dunno… think this place will be massive one day.

  3. I like seeing the follow through finishing high on the shorter distances (65, 50yds).

    It reminds me of Phil Mickelson’s lesson on the 50 yd golf shot.

    _”You want to accelerate into the finish. That gives me _*_aggressive contact._*_ If we are decelerating or slowing down because we’ve taken the club back too far, you have no chance to be consistent or successful.”_

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