Video Zach Johnson Accidentally Hits Ball During Practice Swing

How To Hit a Tee Shot

Voice over: Michael Robles
Written: Jay Busbee

AUGUSTA, Ga. — It hasn’t been a great day at the Masters for former champion Zach Johnson.

While warming up for his tee shot on No. 13, Johnson swung a wee bit too close to the ball, and, well:

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Brad Galli

Zach Johnson accidentally hit his ball during a practice swing.

Professionals, they’re just like us.

10:42 AM – Apr 12, 2019
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The ball banged off a tee marker and rolled a few feet away. Under USGA rules, Johnson was allowed to re-tee without penalty because it was not intentional.

“If a teed ball falls off the tee or is knocked off the tee by the player before the player has made a stroke at it, it may be re-teed anywhere in the teeing area without penalty.”

Had that happened not on the tee box, Johnson would have incurred a penalty. However, because the rules state a ball is not in play until after the tee shot, Johnson was able to re-tee it and hit away.

“I thought I had done it all, but now I have done it all,” he said after his round. “It was a nice little four-foot draw. I don’t think I could do it again if I tried.”

It wasn’t the only flawed shot of the day for Johnson, who sent a shot on the second hole wide into the crowd:


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