WHAT IF: A PRO HIT YOUR TEE SHOTS?? High handicapper experiment phase 1

How To Hit a Tee Shot


In part 1, Pro Mo joins us for an experiment to see what makes the most impact on your game as a mid to high handicapper?
Is it the tee game or the short game?

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In phase 1, we looked at the long game. Mo hit the tee shots, and P took over from there.

I show P's shots off the tee so you can see what would happen otherwise and we can gauge how many shots the tee ball of a Tour Pro would cut from your score.

In Phase 2, we look at Pro mo stepping in when P is within 100 yards. The results surprised even me, the biggest advocate of the short game and working back from the hole.

It's clear Mo has the iron play of a savant. But please keep in mind, he has worked daily on this for hours a day. The man is a grinder and he is not from a very privileged background.

He couldn't afford to play in tournaments OR on the course as a kid so he would only be able to play 4 or 5 tournaments a year, by selecting the most convenient and cheapest options.

He hit the practice area HEAVILY though, grooving that swing on the range and the chipping and putting green because it cost very little or was free. This is such an essential concept. He put HOURS into the game and not MONEY. This is a man with determination and grit. He still rarely hits the course, preferring to spend most of his time perfecting the stuff he needs to in order to be SIMPLE on the golf course.

To get as simple as he looks takes a lot of complicated work. He doesn't partake in the partying or drinking or other pitfalls of being a pro golfer and instead grinds it out to be the best he can be.

Now do you need to do this for iron play? Chances are, yes you do. It takes a long time to groove a swing that you can confidently take onto the course.

That's why I say start with the short game. it takes SO MUCH LESS time. You can get a decent short game in a matter of a couple months. You just need the fundamentals. You just need to practice a couple horus a week with the right fundamentals.

I believe we can all be as good as the pros within 100 yards as it doesn't take power, it doesn't take strength or muscle. But if you can't chip a ball from 20 yards, with what is ESSENTIALLY THE HITTING AREA OF THE FULL SHOT…if you can't get that little move right…how can we expect to even hit a full shot in a controlled way?

Hit that short game area and watch it filter up into your bag like a BAUS.

25 thoughts on “WHAT IF: A PRO HIT YOUR TEE SHOTS?? High handicapper experiment phase 1

  1. I am playing off a 9 Handicap at the moment which gives me 10 -14 strokes depending on the course I play and unfortunately I am almost used to screwing up the first two holes being behind my handicap already. So I will have to agree with the 4 holes warm up phase. Because after that I usually go on a 6-9 hole Par/bogey streak to get back before I mess up one (or more :D) of the last holes which puts me back around my handicap.

  2. I really love Mo’s principal about fun, Waddalegend. I can also relate some of my bad games too in this video (dreadful 3 putts). Whaddavideo! WhaddaPlaya P!

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