What is the Penalty for Hitting in Front of the Golf Tee Markers?

How To Hit a Tee Shot


Bill wants to know what the penalty is for hitting in front of the designated tee area on a tee box.
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Maria explains that the rule states that you need to tee up even with the tee markers or within 2 club lengths behind the designated tee markers. The penalty for teeing outside the tee area and hitting a shot is 2 strokes and you must re-tee and re-hit your shot.

It's good etiquette to warn your playing partners if you see them tee it up outside of the designated tee area. If a player tees it up outside of the designated tee area, and doesn't identify the issue and give themselves a penalty – and they continue on to the next hole and hit the next tee shot, they will be disqualified.

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