FIRE YOUR HIPS by using this drill! You have to do this drill in order to access better rotation in the downswing. Better rotation means more speed, more power and consistency. Use this drill to fire your HIPS in the downswing.

Improve your golf game further this way – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkkV…​…

Link to Natalie from pro fit golf – https://www.pro-fitgolfconditioning.com/

One Drill To Fix Your Entire Golf Swing and learn to fire your hips through impact!

This TIP is so important for your golf swing and downswing for driver and irons! it is key to stay in posture, Control your club face and not come over the top in the downswing! Together we work through the key aspects of the drill and you will see an increase in consistency and strike instantly with irons and driver leading to better compression and those shots where you don’t feel the ball on the iron and driver club face! How do you swing the golf club on plane with irons and driver? How do I stay down in the downswing and rotate through impact in posture and learn top fire your hips through impact with better rotation through your hips

Coming up in todays video:

0:00​ Intro fire your HIPS
0:14 What we see in the golf swing
01:25 How you fire your hips
04:58 Drill to fire your hips
06:64 Thank you for watching
07:08 See you tomorrow

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